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Revisiting the albums that resonated with us in our teenage years can be a thrilling way to awaken our inner child. , also known as Nat Ćmiel, is a Singaporean singer-songwriter-producer who has been on a creative streak that is both original and exciting.

Their latest , softscars, is a combination of their human experience with their cyber identity, drawing inspiration from childhood influences such as Avril Lavigne, My Chemical Romance, and the Smashing Pumpkins. Their previous albums were about breaking free from bodily imprisonment through A.I. cyborgian transformation and drony electronica.

explains that softscars is a reflection of their desire to feel human sometimes, as their past struggles with gender dysphoria and eating disorders are related to the physical form. The feels alive, pulsing with blood, and captures the essence of post-humanism and cyborg theory.

has evolved their sound and emotions, creating a deeply personal and cathartic that is both electrifyingly urgent and deeply relatable. It's no surprise that Emo Nights are ragingly successful, as the promise of such cathartic melodrama is embodied in softscars.

Yeule is a musical project created by Nat Ćmiel, a songwriter and producer from Singapore. The project was formed in 2012 and it blends various musical elements such as ambient, glitch, and Asian post-pop. The name “Yeule” is derived from the Final Fantasy character with the same name, as well as Nat's middle name.


  1. x w x
  2. sulky baby 04:34
  3. softscars 03:26
  4. 4ui12
  5. ghosts 03:40
  6. dazies 04:24
  7. fish in the pool 02:31
  8. software update
  9. inferno 03:14
  10. bloodbunny
  11. cyber meat
  12. aphex twin flame



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