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, the enigmatic Wallsocket's latest musical offering, is a masterful composition that delves deep into the realms of electronic exploration. This transcends conventional boundaries, immersing listeners in an otherworldly soundscape.

Wallsocket, an released September 22, 2023, takes place as an ARG (alternate reality game). Wallsocket is described as a small town in Michigan by . However, Wallsocket, MI, does not exist.

has announced her new . Wallsocket releases on September 22 via Mom+Pop and will feature the previously released songs “You don't even know who I am” and “Cops and robbers,” plus the new single “Locals (Girls like us).”

On her birthday, April 21, 2023, underscores released a trailer titled “underscores ‘Wallsocket' era” on YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok announcing her newest project. The trailer features a variety of cinematic clips spliced together and paired with suspenseful music. Narrated by underscores, she asks questions addressed to someone accusingly; the pacing gradually picks up faster and faster, flashing between clips until it fades to black.

Not long after the trailer dropped, an image was posted on underscores' Instagram clarifying a bit about the project. “I stayed in this town called Wallsocket for a while by myself. It's this super small town in Michigan. And the longer I stayed there, the more inspired I got.” This is where the ARG started, and people realized Wallsocket, MI, is not a real place.

There's a vast stylistic gulf between these newly underscored singles. Still, they're held together by off-kilter melodies and glitch-pop production befitting an artist who's released music on 100 gets imprint.

Underscores will embark on her Hometown Tour of North America this fall.


  1. Cops and robbers
  2. Locals (Girls like us) [with gabby start]
  3. Duhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
  4. You don't even know who I am
  5. Johnny Johnny Johnny
  6. Shoot to kill, kill your darlings
  7. Horror movie soundtrack
  8. Old money bitch
  9. Geez louise (with henhouse!)
  10. Seventyseven dog years
  11. Uncanny long arms (with Jane Remover)
  12. Good luck final girl



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