Tinashe – BB/ANG3L Download Leak MP3 ZIP Files

Exciting news for fans! The gifted singer and songwriter has recently signed a deal with Nice Life Recording Company, headed by the esteemed producer Reed, who has won a GRAMMY Award. 's highly anticipated BB/ANG3L will soon be released through this Los Angeles-based label. Stay tuned for its arrival in the upcoming months.

shares that her upcoming , BB/ANG3L, was inspired by the idea of identity. She delves into exploring both self-identification and the challenges of others' perceptions. Tinashe believes our identity is a personal choice and enjoys removing superficial layers to reveal her true self. She aims to reflect her raw and unfiltered essence in this , showcasing who she is at a core level when alone.

The announcement includes releasing the first single, titled ‘Talk To Me Nice,' and an accompanying music video directed by Bradley Calder. The video is simple but impactful.

Regarding the song, the artist shared, ” ‘Talk To Me Nice' delves into the concept of identity in relation to music genres. As someone who enjoys creating in the blurred lines between genres, this is where I feel most authentic. The song also touches on the feeling of being uncertain about a relationship and examining it with caution, self-care, and self-assurance.”

Founder and CEO of Nice Life Recording Company, Reed, expressed his excitement in signing Tinashe, stating that she is an inspiring figure in the music industry. He added that Nice Life Recording Company is a community of artists who see themselves as outsiders and underdogs, and Tinashe fits right in. She is known for pushing boundaries and breaking down walls in music and beyond. They are honored to reintroduce her as a fantastic artist and welcome her home.



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