The Chemical Brothers, For That Beautiful Feeling Download MP3 ZIP Files

have long held their position as pioneers of the electronic music landscape, and their latest release, “For That Beautiful Feeling,” only solidifies their status as sonic innovators. This is a mesmerizing journey through the ever-evolving terrain of electronic soundscapes, showcasing the duo's unparalleled mastery of production.

For That Beautiful Feeling is the tenth studio by English electronic music duo , released on 8 September 2023 through EMI Records.

“For That Beautiful Feeling” is a sonic odyssey that seamlessly merges electronic music's past, present, and . The 's intricate layers of synths, pulsating beats, and ethereal vocals create a mesmerizing sonic tapestry that transcends genre boundaries.

have a knack for crafting immersive listening experiences; this is no exception. It's a testament to their ability to capture the essence of electronic music's transformative power. “For That Beautiful Feeling” is not just an album; it's a sonic escape, a journey through electronic euphoria that leaves listeners craving more.

In a world where electronic music continues to evolve, The Chemical Brothers remind us why they remain at the forefront of the genre. “For That Beautiful Feeling” is a testament to their enduring creativity and an invitation to explore the boundless possibilities of electronic sound.


  1. Intro
  2. Live Again ft. Halo Maud
  3. No
  4. Goodbye
  5. Fountains
  6. Magic Wand
  7. The Weight
  8. Skipping Like a Stone ft. Beck
  9. The Darkness That You Fear (Harvest Mix)
  10. Feels Like I Am Dreaming
  11. For That Beautiful Feeling ft. Halo Maud



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