Tech N9ne BLISS Download Leak MP3 ZIP Files

As Father's Day approaches this weekend, the renowned and highly successful independent rapper has teamed up with RMR to release a new single and music video titled “Fatha Fig Ya (Food For Thought).” The track is now available through Tech's Strange Music label and marks the first collaboration between these two talented artists.

Notably, the release of this single paves the way for the highly anticipated arrival of Tech's upcoming full-length , BLISS, which is set to be released on July 14, 2023.

The mysterious masked artist RMR delivers a captivating chorus with the lyrics, “Listen now and tell your sons.” The scene takes place at a crowded club in Kansas City where they perform before making a quick exit with a bag of money and exhaust fumes filling the air. Recently, RMR released two new tracks, “Things I Like” and “3D,” which have received positive feedback from HipHopDX, YoRaps!, and other critics. An opinion piece in The Kansas City Star by Toriano Porter emphasized the significance of Tech, the local artist, and went so far as to suggest that a day should be dedicated to him in his hometown since he was born and raised there.

BLISS will be Tech's first full-length LP since the 2021 blockbuster ASIN9NE, which posted up nearly half a billion streams and touted his most ubiquitous hit yet “Face Off” [feat. Joey Cool, King Iso, & Dwayne Johnson].

Ultimately though, BLISS ushers in another era of and Strange. He has beyond leveled up. He's ascended to a new stratosphere altogether where anything is possible—as he's proven time and time again.


  1. Welcome To The P.I.T.S. (Skit)
  2. Badge of Honor
  3. Knock (feat. Conway The Machine, X-Raided & Joyner Lucas)
  4. KC Huh? KC What? (feat. Roblo Dastar, King O & Lil Ava)
  5. They Know Meh (feat. The Popper)
  6. Y'all Havin a Good Time? (Skit)
  7. Tell Everyone (feat. Isaac Cates & Ordained)
  8. Things I Like
  9. 30
  10. W H A T (We're Hungry And Thirsty) [feat. HU$H & Kim Dracula]
  11. Crowd Participation (Skit)
  12. Wes Paul Bennett (feat. Joey Cool & King Iso)
  13. Pull Out (feat. Head Da Don)
  14. Fatha Fig Ya (Food For Thought) [feat. RMR]
  15. Reach Us (feat. X-Raided, 2Gunn Kevi & Head Da Don)
  16. Red Aura (feat. Durand Bernarr & Qveen Herby)
  17. Screen ( Version) [feat. Jehry Robinson]
  18. Leaving Concert (Skit)
  19. Drill Sergeant
  20. Bro So Mo (Lemony Snicket's)
  21. I Met A Morph (feat. Ubi)
  22. Problem At The Pump (Skit)
  23. Deer Alley
  24. 2 Happy (feat. NNUTTHOWZE [Phlaque The Grimstress & Zkiercrow])
  25. Got What I Wanted (feat. Navé Monjo)



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