Soccer Mommy, Karaoke Night (EP) Download Leak MP3 ZIP Files

Last month, Sophie Allison, who goes by the stage name , delivered a wonderful cover of Sheryl Crow's “Soak Up the Sun”.

Recently, she has announced the release of a whole EP full of covers titled Karaoke Night. The EP includes five tracks, including her renditions of “Here” by Pavement, “Losing My Religion” by R.E.M., “Dagger” by , and two other covers. All five artists have influenced 's music, from bubbly pop to scrappy indie rock.

One of the covers included in the EP is her take on 's “I'm Only Me When I'm with You”. Originally released as a bonus track on Swift's 2006 self-titled debut , 's version swaps out the fiddle solos for a screeching, Bilinda Butcher-style electric guitar riff, while the backing instrumentals are doused in dreamy reverb.

Soccer Mommy, whose real name is Sophia Regina Allison, is an indie rock singer-songwriter from Nashville, Tennessee.


1. ‘Here' (Pavement cover)
2. ‘Soak Up The Sun' (Sheryl Crow cover)
3. ‘Dagger' ( cover)
4. ‘I'm Only Me When I'm With You' ( cover)
5. ‘Losing My Religion' (R.E.M. cover)



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