Slauson Malone 1, EXCELSIOR Download MP3 ZIP Files

Slauson Malone's “EXCELSIOR” is a mesmerizing journey into the uncharted realms of experimental hip-hop. Known for pushing boundaries and defying genre conventions, Malone's latest offering is a testament to his artistic fearlessness.

The thrives on its sonic diversity, blending elements of jazz, electronica, and spoken word with a raw, DIY ethos. Malone's production is a sonic tapestry, weaving together fragmented samples and field recordings into a collage of sound that defies easy categorization. It's an that demands active listening, inviting the audience to decode its intricate layers.

Lyrically, “EXCELSIOR” delves into themes of identity, belonging, and the human condition. Malone's thought-provoking verses are delivered with a poetic flair, often blurring the lines between personal reflection and social commentary.

“EXCELSIOR” is a challenging and rewarding listen, a sonic adventure that showcases Slauson Malone's uncompromising vision. It's an that invites you to explore its depths, and with each listen, you unearth new layers of sonic innovation and lyrical profundity. Malone continues to be a trailblazer in the world of experimental music, and “EXCELSIOR” is a testament to his boundless creativity.


  1. The Weather // Download MP3
  2. House Music // Download MP3
  3. Undercommons // Download MP3
  4. Olde Joy // Download MP3
  5. New Joy // Download MP3
  6. Arms, Armor // Download MP3
  7. Fission for Drums, Piano & Voice // Download MP3
  8. Love Letter Zzz // Download MP3
  9. Half-Life // Download MP3
  10. The Great Wedge // Download MP3
  11. I Hear a New World // Download MP3
  12. No! (Geiger Dub) // Download MP3
  13. Destroyer X // Download MP3
  14. Voyager // Download MP3
  15. Divider // Download MP3
  16. Challenger // Download MP3
  17. Decades, Castle Romeo // Download MP3
  18. Us (Tower of Love) // Download MP3



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