Skales Konibaje Download MP3

Skales Konibaje, new Jay Pizzle single… Enjoy!

Skales’ first single since ‘Sweet Distraction’ “Konibaje” is an uptempo record to warm up fans for Detty December and end 2022.

Skales’ Sweet Distractions features revived rapper credentials, animated relationship travails, and South Africa’s amapiano. Skales’ beginnings as a rapper dictate “As Always”, “Katapot”, and “Hope, Freedom and Love,” in which he recounts his mother’s stroke, career slights, drug use, relationship strife, and money worries.

Skales had previously released a Remix (feat. 1da Banton) for ‘Say You Bad’ and video ‘Player Days’ off his fourth studio album. Player Days features live scenes from the singer’s wedding in Lagos on September 25, 2021.



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