Sango, UNKNOW Download Leak MP3 ZIP Files

Washington-based hip-hop artist, , has teamed up with the multi-talented musician, , for a surprise collaboration that is making waves in the music industry once again.

Their latest track, “Masego's Interlude,” showcases 's production skills, while 's soulful vocals add a touch of magic to the song. Although it's just an interlude, this musical teaser is a delightful treat for the ears. As per 's Instagram, this single is a preview of his upcoming , the title of which is yet to be revealed.

Both Sango and have a reputation for crafting chart-topping and timeless tunes. Sango's fingerprints can be found on hits like “In My Room” with Frank Ocean and “The Sequence” with , while Masego's contributions include “Champagne Poetry” by , “Skrawberries” by , and “Late Night” by Goldlink. It's no wonder that fans are eagerly anticipating this collaboration, which is expected to be the precursor to more musical magic from these two geniuses.

What's your opinion on “Masego's Interlude”? Do you consider it one of Sango's best creations? And do you believe Masego deserves more recognition as an R&B artist? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Kai Asa Savon Wright, known by his stage name Sango, is an American DJ and record producer from Seattle, Washington.



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