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Celebrated producer, DJ, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist Roosevelt has announced his highly-anticipated upcoming ‘Embrace', which is set to release on September 22nd via Counter Records/Ninja Tune. In addition to this announcement, has released the thrilling advanced single “Paralyzed”. This latest serves as a follow-up to his acclaimed 2021 LP ‘Polydans', and is a sonically vibrant and deeply personal creative statement from the German maestro, who is quickly building a reputation as one of the world's most innovative musical talents.

The announcement of ‘Embrace' comes with the release of “Paralyzed”, which is the third advanced preview of the new following the recent releases of “Luna” and “Ordinary Love”. “Paralyzed” finds in a lovelorn state as he croons to a past flame, “Can feel our love is fading / So lead me to your door / All I can say / Feels off now / I'm paralyzed by your love”. Meanwhile, layers of shimmering synths envelop a funky dance floor-ready bassline.

Written, recorded, and produced entirely by (the stage name of Marius Lauber), ‘Embrace' features deeply personal lyrics and emotive instrumentals unlike anything heard on past Roosevelt releases. Lauber took his home studio on the road to fully immerse himself in the writing process like never before. Crafting an that sounds equally intimate and expansive, with kaleidoscopic synthesizer arrangements and addictive disco basslines throughout, he worked with improvised setups in cities around the world.

The album's title stems from Lauber's realization that upon turning 30, many of his childhood friends had settled for “real jobs” while he was still living an artist's lifestyle on the road. The title “Embrace” functions as a note to the artist himself, a reminder to accept the unpredictable twists and turns that life has in store.

Roosevelt's latest single, “Paralyzed”, was inspired by early 80s disco, particularly the bass lines, and singers like Melba Moore and Gwen Guthrie. The track grew from spontaneously playing a bass line, and when layering the rest of the instrumentation, Roosevelt aimed to give it that bittersweet feeling that old disco tracks have.

In 2023, Roosevelt will embark on his biggest North American Tour, headlining 35+ dates, including New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Denver, Chicago, Atlanta, Toronto and more. The Roosevelt live show will feature fluid transitions between songs and a three-piece backing band, pulling from his diverse catalog and inspired by his own experiences DJing.


  1. Ordinary Love
  2. Rising
  3. Luna
  4. Yucca Mesa
  5. Paralyzed
  6. Lake Shore
  7. Realize
  8. Fall Right In
  9. Forevermore
  10. Alive



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