Rod Wave's “Nostalgia” Download MP3 ZIP Files

has been working on his new for a while but kept running into delays. Finally, tonight, the St. Petersburg, Florida, rapper released his Nostalgia after weeks of promotion. Leading up to the project, the rapper-singer offered several new songs for the fans, including ‘Fight The Feeling,' ‘Come See Me,' and ‘Checkmate', released yesterday.

As expected from a , there are minimal guests on the , with being the highlight. The album is the follow-up to Beautiful Mind, which debuted at number one on the US Billboard 200 with 115,000 copies sold.

Rod Wave, the American rapper and singer known as Rodarius Marcell Green. He's signed to Alamo Records and has gained recognition for his soulful and unique blend of hip-hop and R&B, earning him the title of a trailblazer in the genre of soul-trap. His solid and expressive voice sets him apart, making him a force to be reckoned with in the music industry.

The rapper will kick off his Nostalgia tour with Ari Lennox and more on October 19th at Pinnacle Bank Arena in Lincoln, Nebraska. 


  1. Nostalgia // Download MP3
  2. Long Journey // Download MP3
  3. Call Your Friends // Download MP3
  4. Hg4 // Download MP3
  5. See Me // Download MP3
  6. Crazy // Download MP3
  7. Love For A Thug // Download MP3
  8. Checkmate // Download MP3
  9. Fight The Feeling // Download MP3
  10. Turks & Caicos Ft // Download MP3
  11. Boyz Don't Cry // Download MP3
  12. Pass You By // Download MP3
  13. Great Gatsby // Download MP3
  14. Keep It G // Download MP3
  15. Love Story/Interlude // Download MP3
  16. Rap Beef // Download MP3
  17. Back Lit // Download MP3
  18. 2018 // Download MP3




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