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is releasing his latest single, “FEVER,” continuing to push the boundaries of his artistry. Ever since his breakout hit “Rascal” a few years ago, it was clear that he was not just another average artist in the industry. In March, he surprised us with “Crazy,” a track featuring Ryan Lewis that deviated from the typical sound of hip-hop.

The artist is back with a new release called ‘FEVER,' taking his experimentation to the next level. The upbeat tempo and funky melody are bound to capture your attention. has also presented a chaotic yet cinematic video, which you can view below. In addition to the single, has announced his upcoming album, ‘HERALD,' set to release this Fall through AWAL.

“The video represents the journey artists go on when creating a body of work/song etc.- including all the emotional ups and downs.” says RMR. “As artists we often keep our work close to our hearts until we are ready to share it with the world and constantly battle between being overly critical and starving our inner critic. You'll see me self-sabotaging and burning my own work to the ground which gives a glimpse into what the artistic process was like for my upcoming album [HERALD].”


  • Got me on fire
  • Smoke is comin' off my skin
  • My hands are shakin', pray the Lord to forgive my sins
  • So disrespectful; it looks like you got nothin' on
  • It's somethin' special; a minute's going to take too long

Listen to RMR – FEVER MP3 & Download it Below:



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