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, the acclaimed singer and songwriter, is set to make waves with his second , ‘Don't Get Too Cozy'.' This musical revelation will hit the airwaves on June 16 via The Orchard/Soulection, marking the third consecutive year has delighted fans with a new project.​

's journey began with his debut , ‘Soulquarius',' in 2021, followed by ‘Before I Let Her Go' in 2022. Now, ‘Don't Get Too Cozy' continues the trend, promising an immersive musical experience for R&B enthusiasts. It's not only about Phabo's solo music; he has been enriching his recording portfolio with remarkable collaborations with artists like Jordan Hawkins and Sofi de la Torre​

‘Don't Get Too Cozy' unveils a rich tracklist of 18 songs, each bearing Phabo's unique touch. The promotional journey for this ignited with its lead single, ‘Out Of Touch',' featuring the mesmerizing voice of Shaé Universe.​

The is set to include previously shared tracks like ‘Scorpio Moon' and ‘Casamigos'.' ‘Scorpio Moon' made its debut on the show COLORS last fall, where it captivated audiences before the official studio version was released.​

Songs' Long Overdue' and ‘Before I Let Her Go',' which initially appeared on Phabo's 2022 EP, will also find their place in ‘Don't Get Too Cozy'.

Adding to the anticipation is the newly-released track, ‘Stay'.' This song, featuring fellow R&B artist Arin Ray, gives fans a taste of what to expect from Phabo's second album​

‘Don't Get Too Cozy' is not a solo endeavor. It features collaborations with talented artists like Ambré and Kalan.FrFr. The album also benefits from the production expertise of industry stalwarts such as Troy Taylor, Eric Hudson, and Louie Lastic, among others​

Album Tracklist

The full tracklist of ‘Don't Get Too Cozy' is as follows:

  1. ‘Intro'
  2. ‘Line'
  3. ‘Swing my Way'
  4. ‘Geneva'
  5. ‘Casamigos'
  6. ‘Stay' feat. Arin Ray
  7. ‘XTC'
  8. ‘The Wind'
  9. ‘Out Of Touch' feat. Shaé Universe
  10. ‘Luv Songs (Unruly)'
  11. ‘Scorpio Moon'
  12. ‘Before I Let Her Go'
  13. ‘Black Man'
  14. ‘Express Yourself'
  15. ‘NYL' feat. Ambré
  16. ‘Long Overdue'
  17. ‘Proud 2 Be'
  18. ‘Your Loss' feat. Kalan.FrFr.

With its various tracks and collaborative efforts, ‘Don't Get Too Cozy' is expected to be a standout addition to the contemporary R&B landscape. Keep your calendars marked for June 16, and get ready to immerse yourself in the soothing and soulful tunes of Phabo's new album.



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