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On August 11, Mello Music Group will release the highly anticipated new “Signature” by Joell and L'Orange. 's powerful lyricism and L'Orange's exceptional beat-making skills come together to create a truly collaborative masterpiece. The draws inspiration from 's influential legacy, with L'Orange crafting beats that exude vintage charm while exploring new sonic territories.

“Signature” features Ortiz's raw talent as an artist, combined with L'Orange's artistic touch that enriches the music. The includes captivating guest appearances by KXNG Crooked, Cyhi, and Sheek Louch, adding layers of depth and dynamism to each track.

The invites listeners on an immersive journey as Ortiz's lyricism takes center stage, intertwining with L'Orange's expertly crafted production. The reinterpretation of Ortiz's legacy stands as a testament to his undeniable talent as an artist, while L'Orange's artistic touch adds a distinct flavor that reshapes melodies, restructures arrangements, and infuses the lyrics with renewed meaning.

“Signature” boldly explores sonic boundaries while paying homage to Ortiz's legacy, forging a new path in hip-hop. Get ready to experience a musical journey that celebrates the artistry of Joell Ortiz and the transformative vision of L'Orange.


1. Uncle Chris Car
2. In My Feelings
3. Housing Authority (feat. KXNG Crooked)
4. One Day
5. Masked Up
6. OG
7. Holy Ghost (feat. CyHi)
8. Therapeutic
9. Love Is Love (feat. Sheek Louch)
10. Doors Up 



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