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announced his new ‘Another Triumph of Ghetto Engineering' featuring nine tracks, set to be released on August 16. Eagle is known for his unique recording style, blending his natural abilities with fantastic production. The tracklist seems to mock the wider rap scene with titles like ‘A New Rap Festival Called Falling Loud.'

The upcoming ninth studio by American rapper , Another Triumph of Ghetto Engineering, will be released by Auto Reverse Records on August 25, 2023. The was executive produced by Eagle, with songs created by Quelle Chris, Illingworth, Child Actor, Kenny Segal, and Awkward.

Open Mike Eagle, an American hip-hop artist and comedian, is a member of the hip-hop collective Project Blowed. Originally from Chicago, he is now based in Los Angeles.


1 I Bled on Stage at First Rave
2 BET's Rap City [ft. Young Zee]
3 A New Rap Festival Called Falling Loud
4 The Grand Prize Game on the Bozo Show [ft. Video Dave and Still Rift]
5. We Should Have Made Other Ground a Thing
6 WFLD 32 [ft. Eshu Tune, Still Rift and Video Dave]
7 The Wire S3 E1 [ft. Blu]
8 Dave Said These Are the Liner Notes
9 Mad Enough to Aim a Pyramid at You



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