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recently announced the release of his new , Again, which is set to come out on September 29 through Warp. The 's first single, “A Barely Lit Path,” is already available for streaming.

's tenth studio album, “Again,” will be released via Warp on September 29, 2023.

The artist, whose real name is Daniel Lopatin, has described the project as a “speculative autobiography” that explores his musical identity during his young adulthood as seen from the perspective of middle age. The project started as an interpretation of his past musical choices but evolved into an “illogical period piece,” considering the outcome had he made different decisions.

The 's artwork features an original sculpture created by Matias Falkbakken, conceptualized by Lopatin himself and photographed by Vegard Kleven. To promote the , Lopatin shared a video where he quizzed strangers on pronouncing his stage name.

Again, this is the follow-up to Magic , named one of the best albums of 2020 by Consequence. One year after its release, OPN expanded the with a Blu-ray edition. Additionally, Lopatin's production work was featured on 's album Sometimes, Forever, released last year.

Daniel Lopatin, also known as Oneohtrix Point Never or OPN, is a renowned experimental electronic music producer, composer, singer, and songwriter from the United States. His music incorporates various musical genres and eras, sample-based composition, and intricate song structures with complex MIDI production.


01. Elseware // Download MP3
02. Again // Download MP3
03. World Outside // Download MP3
04. Krumville // Download MP3
05. Locrian Midwest // Download MP3
06. Plastic Antique // Download MP3
07. Gray Subviolet // Download MP3
08. The Body Trail // Download MP3
09. Nightmare Paint // Download MP3
10. Memories of Music // Download MP3
11. On an Axis // Download MP3
12. Ubiquity Road // Download MP3
13. A Barely Lit Path // Download MP3



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