Omar Apollo, Ice Slippin Download MP3 Leak

Grammy-nominated singer and his team generated hype for his upcoming single “Ice Slippin” with ice sculptures worldwide instead of traditional billboard announcements. His previous single, “3 Boys,” was released in February, followed by a support tour with .

's “Ice Slippin” showcases his ability to blend R&B, pop, and funk into a mesmerizing sonic journey. The lush production and introspective lyrics add emotional depth, while infectious melodies and Apollo's charisma make it irresistible.

After signing with Warner Records, Omar Apollo, an American singer and songwriter, he has released his debut album, Ivory, in 2022. It received positive reviews and earned him a Grammy Award nomination for Best New Artist at the 65th Annual Grammy Awards.


  • When you comin' home?
  • Home is where you supposed to be
  • Turn around, it's not too late, did I hurt you?
  • You live too far away
  • Are you turnin' off your phone again?
  • If I take back my words, would you return to me?

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