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, an up-and-coming rapper from Atlanta's vibrant music scene, is quickly making a name for himself. With collaborations with industry heavyweights like and Rylo Rodriguez under his belt, is on a meteoric rise to stardom.

His latest , “Bigger Now,” is a testament to 's growth as an artist. The project showcases his lyrical prowess and unique storytelling ability. From the catchy beats to the thought-provoking lyrics, Noodah05 delivers a compelling listening experience. Tracks like “Rising Up” and “ATL Dreams” offer a glimpse into the artist's journey, while “Vibin' Tonight” brings the Atlanta nightlife straight to your headphones.

If you appreciate authentic storytelling and rap that resonates with your soul, Noodah05's “Bigger Now” is a must-listen. His journey from an underground artist to sharing the stage with rap titans speaks volumes about his talent. Don't miss out on what could be the soundtrack of 2023. Noodah05 is indeed “Bigger Now,” and he's here to stay.

Whether cruising through Atlanta's streets or relaxing at home, add Noodah05's “Bigger Now” to your playlist. This is more than just music; it's a glimpse into the journey of a rising star on his way to greatness.

Noodah05 is an upcoming rapper from Atlanta who has already worked with his buddies and Rylo Rodriguez. His debut release, “Coming Out,” was launched in 2019, and he is amassing hundreds of thousands of streams, indicating that 2020 could be a breakout year for him..


  1. That Money
  2. Smoke Clear (Ft. Rylo Rodriguez)
  3. Come Home
  4. Foul Out (Ft. )
  5. Ice Age
  6. Bulletproof (Ft. Lil Double 0)
  7. Dont U See
  8. CFWU
  9. M's Coming (Ft. )
  10. Black Cloud
  11. Old Phone
  12. RUN
  13. Bigger Now
  14. See It Fall



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