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's highly anticipated sophomore , Sundial, has finally been released. Her first in five years, the project is a follow-up to her 2018 debut, Room 25. The 11-track project gives fans a glimpse into the mind of the enigmatic rapper and poet. Initially, the 31-year-old rapper had plans to release an entitled Factory Baby in 2019, but it would later be scrapped. Around that same time, threatened to quit music. She claimed that her heart wasn't “fully in it anymore.”

“The relationship between “artist” and “fan” is really fucking unhealthy. Yall like what y'all like and hate what y'all hate. And I don't wanna be on either side. I'm just tryna read and organize. After factory baby its [peace sign emoji],” she wrote on Twitter. However, luckily for fans, she didn't seem to follow through on her threat. Running just over 30 minutes, the project offers an array of powerful themes.

The project is lush with features from a wide array of artists, including Billy Woods, Common, Jay Electronica, Eryn Allen Kane, Jimetta Rose, The Voices of Creation, Ayoni, $ilkMoney, ​and STOUT. announced the last month and had plans to release “balloons” as the lead single. Her fans, however, were dissatisfied with Jay Electronica's appearance on the track due to his Nation of Islam connections. Taking to Twitter, she threatened to sentence Sundial to a similar fate as Factory Baby, writing, “Y'all don't want the . Fine.”

Taking it a step further, she continued,” Hip-hop is in a great place right now. Another Noname album ain't really necessary.” However, we can be grateful that her threats were threats and nothing more. When she's not discussing social justice issues on Twitter or dropping introspective albums, she's giving back. Her “Noname Book Club” continues to go strong, and some of the album's proceeds will go toward her organization. To celebrate the release of her album, Noname is scheduled to host a “Sundial Block Party” in Chicago on August 17. The event will also act as a collection drive for books that the club can then send to its incarcerated members. [via]


1. Black Mirror
2. Hold Me Down [ft. Jimette Rose and The Voices of Creation]
3. Balloons [ft. Eryn Allen Kane and Jay Electronica]
4. Potentially the Interlude
5. Boom Boom [ft. Ayoni]
6. Namesake
7. Beauty Supply
8. Toxic
9. Afro Futurism
10. Oblivion [ft. Ayoni and Common]
11. Gospel? [ft. $ilkmoney, billy woods and Stout]



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