NAS, MAGIC 3 Download MP3 ZIP Files

Today marks a special occasion as , the legendary rapper, celebrated his 50th birthday on September 14th.

In honor of this milestone, he has released his 17th studio , Magic 3, which is the final volume of the trilogy he collaborated on with producer Hit-Boy. This follows his previous release, Magic 2, which appeared just eight weeks prior. Last year, and Hit-Boy first teamed up for King's Disease, and since then, they have collaborated on four more albums, including the first two entries in the Magic series.

Magic 3 includes 15 tracks and features on the track “Never Die.” described Hit-Boy as his “Quincy Jones” in an interview with Rap Life Radio's Ebro Darden. The is available in cassette, CD, and 1xLP formats, and you can place an order now.

In addition to the album, Nas fans can get their hands on the official Nas-themed Rubik's Cube called the “King's Magic Cube.” When solved, the six sides of the puzzle game reveal the album artwork from the six albums Hit-Boy has produced for Nas.

Apart from his collaboration with Hit-Boy, Nas recently appeared on a Swizz Beatz project released in April titled Hip Hop 50 Vol. 2, commemorating the 50th anniversary of hip-hop. He also appeared on Hip Hop 50 Vol. 1, released in July 2022.

Nas' “NY State of Mind Tour” is ongoing, and he is performing alongside Wu-Tang Clan and De La Soul. The tour will continue through the end of October, covering multiple cities across the US.


  1. Fever
  2. TSK
  3. Superhero Status
  4. I Love This Feeling
  5. No Tears
  6. Never Die (feat. )
  7. Pretty Young Girl
  8. Based on True Events
  9. Based on True Events Pt. 2
  10. Sitting With My Thoughts
  11. Blue Bentley
  12. Jodeci Member
  13. Speechless Pt. 2
  14. Japanese Soul Bar
  15. 1-800-Nas-&-Hit



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