Miguel & Lil Yachty, Number 9 Download MP3

A new collaboration between and has resulted in the release of their single “Number 9.” This marks the second single released by the R&B star in 2023 and his first collaboration with Lil Boat. Yachty, who has been exploring more unconventional sounds with his latest release, Let's Start Here., has proven to be one of the best artists of the year. The colorful rapper has partnered with a top-tier singer for an angelic track, “Number 9.”

The Californian's last song “Give It To Me” was well-received due to its tremendous production, featuring drums, guitars, and, of course, 's heavenly voice. The vibe on that track is similar to the latest effort, “Number 9,” which possesses more of an R&B vibe but remains a terrific listen with its layered beat.

If you want to be transported to another world, give “Number 9” by and a listen. The catchy hook and euphoric feel are sure to stimulate your senses. The accompanying visualizer is just as trippy as the song itself.


  • On my tongue, a lap
  • On my lap, a gun
  • In the gun, a kiss
  • Let it blow your mind

Listen to Miguel & – Number 9 MP3 & Download it Below:



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