Mick Jenkins‘s ”The Patience” Download MP3 ZIP Files

On August 18th, will release his latest , ‘The Patience'. The Chicago-based rapper's previous , ‘Elephant In The Room' released in 2021, was a massive artistic triumph, showcasing his talents in full swing.

A review by Niall Smith in Clash Magazine remarked, “Mick didn't create this to fit into RapCaviar playlists or for the faint-hearted. The is like a snapshot of a man who has seen too much but still strives for more in life.”

‘The Patience' boasts an impressive lineup of featured guests such as Freddie Gibbs, , , and JID. Production credits are shared among Stoic, Berg, Vnsn, and British artist Venna. Jayson , signed to Cinematic Music Group, is an American rapper from Chicago. He released his debut album ‘The Healing Component' in 2016, followed by ‘Pieces of a Man' in 2018.


1. Michelin Star (Prod. By Berg & Vnsn) // Download MP3
2. Show & Tell Feat. Freddie Gibbs (Prod. By Berg & Vnsn) // Download MP3
3. Sitting Ducks Feat. (Prod. By Yama//Sato & Jai Nitai Lotus) // Download MP3
4. Smoke Break-Dance Feat. (By Stoic) // Download MP3
5. 007 (Prod. By Berg & Vnsn) // Download MP3
6. 2004 (Prod. By Tee Watt) // Download MP3
7. ROY G. BIV (Prod. By Venna & Jake One) // Download MP3
8. Pasta (Prod. By Berg & Vnsn) // Download MP3
9. Farm to table Feat. (Prod. By Berg, Diliip & Otxhello) // Download MP3
10. Guapanese (Prod. By Stoic & Kulture) // Download MP3
11. Mop (Prod. By Hollywood Cole) // Download MP3



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