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is set to release her latest , “Gentle Confrontation,” on Friday, September 22nd, under the Hyperdub label. The features lead singles such as “2003,” “Déjà Vu,” and “I DM U,” which were released this spring. The artist will also embark on a North American tour later this month, with tickets available for purchase.

Gentle Confrontation” marks Loraine's third with Hyperdub and explores a new chapter of her life. The examines her past and present, with Loraine stating that it's the record she would have made as a teenager. The album reflects her musical tendencies from that time, including math rock and emo-electronic genres from artists such as DNTEL, Lusine, and Telefon Tel Aviv, which she listened to during her adolescence.

The album features a diverse group of peers, who Loraine places into her unusual musical settings, resulting in sensitive and reflexive performances. Other tracks on the album stretch out into a drifting ambience, as if trying to find a sense of bliss in the everyday.

is a London-based producer who grew up in Enfield. Her music is a blend of jazz, electronica, UK drill, and grime, which she attributes to her mother's taste and her hometown's multiculturalism. Loraine's music reflects queer anxiety, righteous fury, and wonder channeled through her intuitive skills and intimate, almost diaristic approach to music making.

The Quietus and DJ Mag both selected Loraine's second album, “For You and I” (2019), as the #1 album of the year. Loraine's busy live schedule involved headlining and supporting acts such as Telefon Tel Aviv, Jessy Lanza, and Holly Herndon before the pandemic hit.

During the lockdown, Loraine took advantage of the time to work on her next EP, “Nothing,” followed by her third album, “Reflection,” for Hyperdub, released in the summer of 2020. Undaunted by the success of both releases, Loraine launched herself immediately into another project, masterminding a self-titled album under the Whatever the Weather moniker, which sidestepped club-adjacent pop in favor of American Football-influenced math rock and ambient motifs.

Since the album's release in spring 2022, Loraine has returned to her busy tour schedule, playing at Berlin's legendary Berghain venue for CTM and appearing at Rewire, Unsound, and many more European festivals. She also found time to release an EP of collaborations with her lockdown-era studio mate TSVI, which Pitchfork described as “an intimate picture of two friends shutting out the world and seeking a common language.”

Phantom Limb label invited Loraine to reinterpret, reimagine, and respond to the work of iconic NYC composer Julius Eastman on “Building Something Beautiful For Me.” The album reconciles their respective creative languages, underscoring the revolutionary power of gay, Black artistry, and represents a trans-generational dialogue between two fiercely independent, boundary-pushing musicians.


  1. Gentle Confrontation
  2. 2003
  3. Let U Go (Ft. KeiyaA)
  4. Déjà Vu (Ft. Ritchie with a T)
  5. Prelude of Tired of Me
  6. Glitch the System (Glitch Bitch 2)
  7. I DM U
  8. One Way Ticket to the Midwest (Emo) (Ft. Corey Mastrangelo)
  9. Cards With the Grandparents
  10. While They Were Singing (Ft. Marina Herlop)
  11. Try for Me (Ft. Eden Samara)
  12. Tired of Me
  13. Speechless (Ft. George Riley)
  14. Disjointed (Feeling Like a Kid Again)
  15. I'm Trying to Love Myself
  16. Saying Goodbye (Ft. Contour)



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