Lil Baby Merch Madness Download MP3

On July 7th, released a new single called “Merch Madness,” produced by Richie Souf. In the track, the Atlanta-based artist concentrates on motivating people and generating chances for the younger generation.

's newest release features a collaboration with the renowned sports merchandise brand, Fanatics. Dubbed ‘Merch Madness,' the song showcases sporting an Atlanta Hawks jersey in the video.

Feel free to check out the video below. It's a typical video with clips of Baby spending time with kids at an NBA youth event.


  • They see how I live now; I can't forget the feelin'
  • My daddy in the ground, my mama independent
  • I can call on some of my friends; ain't no one I depend on
  • Trying to run up all these M's and sit in the endzone
  • I have to give back; I got every
  • Winnin' team be every season

Listen to Lil Baby Merch Madness MP3 & Download it Below:



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