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, a Norwegian heavy metal band, released their fifth studio Endling on September 8, 2023, through Rise Records. The was announced with the release of the lead single “Krøterveg Te Helvete” and was additionally supported by the single “Skonggangr.”

's latest , “Splid,” starts off with “Krøterveg Te Helvete,” a heavily inspired classic rock song with metal elements that's loaded with guitar riffs. Although the lyrics are in Norwegian, it's a catchy tune that anyone can jam along to.

While “Fedrekult” doesn't leave a strong impression, as the band seems to be trying too hard to incorporate every genre they're known for, there are some standout tracks on the . “Likvoke” is a breath of fresh air, “Døgeniktens Kvad” leans more into metal with ZZ Top vibes, and “Motsols” brings back the original sound with its '70s rock ‘n' roll-inspired chords.

“Svart September” is another standout track, starting as a sweet ballad with bluesy country/rock guitar before diving into catchy hooks and guitar riffs that are irresistible. The album ends with “Morild,” a heavy song that showcases the benefits of having three guitars in a band.

While it feels like Kvelertak wasn't quite sure which direction they wanted to go with “Splid,” it's still a fun listen and great to hear the band thriving in making music. However, the album lacks a coherent sound and at times feels out of place. Ivar's powerful vocals shine on this album, and Kvelertak fans will undoubtedly appreciate it.

Kvelertak is a heavy metal band from Norway, formed in 2007 in Stavanger. The band consists of Ivar Nikolaisen on vocals, Vidar Landa, Bjarte Lund Rolland, and Maciek Ofstad on guitars, Marvin Nygaard on bass, and Håvard Takle Ohr on drums.


01. Krøterveg Te Helvete
02. Fedrekult
03. Likvoke
04. Motsols
05. Døgeniktens Kvad
06. Endling
07. Skoggangr
08. Paranoia 297
09. Svart September
10. Morild



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