Kipp Stone, 66689 Blvd Prequel Download Leak MP3 ZIP Files

With his highly anticipated project, the 66689 Blvd Prequel, set to release soon, Kipp is at the peak of his creative powers. He draws inspiration from literary figures like Henry David Thoreau and Albert Camus, infusing deep introspection into his music.

For this project, he isolated himself to create narratives about the people in his life that he relates to the most. The covers various themes such as the culture shock that comes with traveling to the West Coast for the first time after living in East Cleveland, quitting his job, and overcoming poverty and selfishness. The 66689 Blvd Prequel marks the beginning of an ego death that will be further explored in the 's sequel.


  1. BLVD Intro
  2. Lakeshore
  3. 18 the Hard Way
  4. Petrichor
  5. Passivist Prayer
  6. Ambigram Theory
  7. Hive Mind
  8. The Sun Is Medicine
  9. Vanderhall Venice
  10. Kill the Father [Freestyle]



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