Julie Byrne The Greater Wings Download MP3 ZIP Files

As approaches the penultimate track, “Hope's Return,” on her latest , The Greater Wings, she reflects on many experiences. Her contemplations range from losing friends to the fleeting nature of life and the significance of seemingly small moments that provide a purpose.

American singer-songwriter released “The Greater Wings” studio in 2023. The centers on grief, particularly the loss of her music partner and romantic interest, Eric Littmann. The has been well-received by critics, garnering positive reviews.

is a talented singer, songwriter, and guitarist from Buffalo, New York. She has already released three fantastic studio albums: Rooms with Walls and Windows, Not Even Happiness, and The Greater Wings.


  1. The Greater Wings
  2. Portrait of a Clear Day
  3. Moonless
  4. Summer Glass
  5. Summer's End
  6. Lightning Comes Up From the Ground
  7. Flare
  8. Conversation Is a Flowstate
  9. Hope's Return
  10. Death Is the Diamond



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