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has recently released her latest , “Census Designated,” which represents a magnificent exploration of sonic landscapes beyond contemporary music's limits. This exhibits Remover's exceptional ability as a visionary artist, as she boldly blends genres and creates a fearless approach.

Census Designated is an that follows 's streams of consciousness throughout one night, starting at sunset. Jane got the idea for the soon after releasing her debut album, Frailty, but it took her a year and a half to turn it into reality.

The concept was born when she was on a trip across the United States and had to stop in John Day, Oregon, due to weather. In a press statement, Jane said the experience was a reality check for her. She is very self-aware, which often leads her to ruin her experiences and memories. Going through a near-death experience made her realize that she needed to stop wasting things for herself.

“Census Designated” is a sonic journey that defies categorization, seamlessly weaving together electronica, indie rock, and experimental pop elements. Remover's ethereal vocals float effortlessly over intricate instrumentals, creating an otherworldly haunting and mesmerizing atmosphere.

Throughout the album, Remover explores identity, place, and memory themes. The lyrics are poetic and introspective, encouraging listeners to reflect on their own experiences. Each track on “Census Designated” is a sonic landscape unto itself, with layers of sound that reveal new depths with each listen.

In an age of musical conformity, 's “Census Designated” is a bold and innovative work that challenges the status quo and reminds us of the limitless possibilities of music. This album is a must-listen for anyone seeking an auditory adventure that transcends genre boundaries.

Jane Remover, previously known as Dltzk, is an American musician born on September 26, 2003. She gained recognition for her debut studio album, Frailty, released in 2021. Additionally, she is credited with pioneering the “dariacore” microgenre on SoundCloud with her album of the same name, released under the name Leroy. Jane Remover also performs under the moniker C0ncernn.


  1. Jane Remover – Pretender (Float Tank Mix)
  2. Carly Rae Jepsen – Talking to Yourself (Float Tank Mix)
  3. SOPHIE – L.O.V.E. (Float Tank Mix)
  4. BAR9 – Piano Tune (Float Tank Mix)
  5. Hartfield – Reason (Float Tank Mix)
  6. Jane Remover – Lips (Float Tank Mix)
  7. underscores – You don't even know who I am (Float Tank Mix)
  8. Ryan Beatty – White Teeth (Float Tank Mix)
  9. Mariah Carey – Vanishing (Float Tank Mix)
  10. Liz Phair – Polyester Bride (Girly-Sound Version) (Float Tank Mix)
  11. Jane Remover – Census Designated (Float Tank Mix)



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