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has recently made an announcement regarding her upcoming . The is titled “Water Made Us” and is set to be released on October 13th, via Jagjaguwar. The first single from the , “Tiny Garden”, featuring duendita has also been released. You can find the full tracklist for “Water Made Us” below.

The “Water Made Us” has been released and the complete tracklist is available below. This is Woods' third after Legacy! Legacy! which was released in 2019. In a press release, Woods talked about “Tiny Garden” and the accompanying visual. The album takes the listener on a sonic journey through introspection and vulnerability. Woods' soulful voice effortlessly weaves through intricate melodies and thought-provoking lyrics, inviting the listeners to explore her introspective world. The album showcases her unwavering commitment to her unique style of music.

is a talented storyteller, often exploring themes of identity, resilience, and love. Her production choices in her recent album, “Water Made Us,” are nothing short of sublime, with lush instrumentation and subtle electronic elements that add emotional depth to each track. The album's pacing is deliberate, creating a sense of fluidity that mirrors the aquatic theme.

Overall, “Water Made Us” is a testament to ' growth as an artist, solidifying her status as a visionary in contemporary music.

Jamila Woods, the Chicago-born poet and vocalist, has once again graced us with her ethereal presence in the musical realm with her latest album, “Water Made Us.” Woods has established herself as a formidable force in contemporary R&B, and this record is a testament to her artistic evolution.


  1. Bugs
  2. Tiny Garden [ft. duendita]
  3. Practice [ft. Saba]
  4. Let the Cards Fall
  5. Send a Dove
  6. Wreckage Room
  7. Thermostat [ft. Peter CottonTale]
  8. Out of the Doldrums
  9. Wolfsheep
  10. I Miss All My Exes
  11. Backburner
  12. Libra Intuition
  13. Boomerang
  14. Still
  15. The Best Thing
  16. Good News
  17. Headfirst



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