J Hus ft. Drake Who Told You MP3 Download

East London rapper and global superstar have teamed up to deliver what many are already calling the song of the summer: “Who Told You.” This Afrobeat-infused anthem, produced by P2J, is making waves in the industry and has fans worldwide dancing to its rhythm​1.

The Song That Has Summer Written All Over It

“Who Told You” has been hailed as the embodiment of summer. It captures the essence of carefree vibes, the pleasure of dancing, and the joy of being close to someone special – elements often associated with the season. This tune has nudged other early contenders for the ‘song of the summer title, including and 's “Sprinter,” and firmly established its place at the top​

J Hus: The Maestro Behind the Beat

's musical prowess shines in this track. The British artist has earned high praise as one of the most excellent musicians of his generation, showing his skill at moving with a beat and creating a dance in itself. His ability to adapt to any rhythm without being dominated by it is part of his unique appeal. 's artistry and insightful lyrics make “Who Told You” a testament to his talent.​

Drake: Adding the Star Power

's guest spot in “Who Told You” adds charm to the track. The Canadian rapper, known for his penchant for British slang and semi-Jamaican accent, adds a unique flavor to the song. 's meandering singsong delivery, closer to jazz vocals than any other genre, is a real treat for listeners. His presence also his emotional bond with J Hus, dating back to a memorable homecoming concert at the O2 Arena in 2019​

Afrobeats: The Beat That Makes You Move

The Afrobeats rhythm, masterfully crafted by producer P2J, gives “Who Told You” its infectious energy. It invites subtle dances rather than twerks, making it a sophisticated addition to this year's summer anthems. The track's success also marks another win for African pop, gaining increased recognition in the UK and beyond. While Drake's charisma ensures the song's popularity, J Hus's understanding of what makes a summer hit has played a crucial role in its ascent up the charts​

In conclusion, “Who Told You” by J Hus ft. Drake is a musical masterpiece that embodies the spirit of summer. Its infectious beat, coupled with the combined talents of J Hus and Drake, makes it an irresistible anthem that is sure to dominate playlists this season. Whether at a beach party or chilling at home, this song will have you dancing and asking, “Who told you bad man don't dance?”​

Listen to J Hus ft. Drake – Who Told You MP3 & Download it Below:


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