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The album, which is yet to come, talks about the various layers of love and the path chosen for the script for this short film was to create an urban legend, which would bring the singer's experiences, the vision of a Brazilian woman, black, who represents and speaks with the pubic. According to Caio, who wrote the script along with IZA , Felipe and Nídia Aranha, the idea was to create a woman, represented by the Stone Woman, who is part of Brazilian folklore.

“It is very valuable and is discovered by a prospector, in the clip played by actor Fábio Lago”, says Caio. From that, he realizes her value and begins to appropriate her, selling everything she can generate, since the Stone Woman has fragments of valuable stones”, he completes .

for the IZAthe idea is to show that the character ranges from the idealization of love, a relationship, to reality, which is learning that love has many facets. “The Stone Woman was pure and naive, and she allowed herself to be carried away by this relationship with the prospector. Until the moment she understands that she is being usurped by him and runs away, going to meet MC Carol's character, who becomes her ally and partner for revenge” , says the singer.

References for the script for the clip, and also for this new phase of his career, came from Brazilian seventies cinema, which speak of national folklore. IZA also brought aesthetic and visual references to cinematographic stories and legends, such as the movie Cocoon, one of his favorites, because it is a pure being that ended up in the real world. MC Carol

says she is in love with the clip. “Everything in it has a meaning, where it was shot, what was thought for each scene and the whole team involved was incredible. It was a moment that I really needed. So many people try to diminish us as a woman, as an artist, and I felt a lot in this clip, my self-esteem went through the roof”, reflects Carol. “Not to mention that working with IZA is a dream come true” , she adds.


  • Acorda cedo, relíquia da área
  • Sempre focada, não liga pra nada
  • Segue bem quista entre a rapaziada
  • Se o assunto esquentar ela compra a parada, rara…

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