ITZY, Ringo Download Leak MP3 ZIP Files

, a five-member girl group that debuted in 2019, will release its first full-length Japanese titled “Ringo” on Oct. 18, containing 11 tracks, including four new songs, Japanese versions of Korean hits, and four Japanese songs previously released by the band.

The 's title track, “Ringo,” meaning ‘apple' in Japanese, will be followed by “Sugar-holic,” “Playlist,” and “Style.” According to JYP Entertainment, “Ringo” conveys the message of “charting your own path instead of following the footsteps of already-written fairy tales.”

K-Pop girl group will release their first full-length Japanese , RINGO, on October 18. The includes the title track, “RINGO,” and b-side tracks, “Sugar-holic,” “Playlist,” and “STYLE.” It also features songs from previous albums. recently released their new mini album, KILL MY DOUBT, and are currently promoting it.



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