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Due out on June 23 via Thriller Records, the record is one “of duality” according to Devin Papadol. “It touches on an internal struggle with control and relationships,” explains the vocalist. “I put a lot of myself into the people I care about and just as much as I get my energy and drive from them, they can also suck the life out of me. I experience emotions in extremes and did my best to convey and process those intense feelings through the writing of these songs.”

To coincide with the news, the duo have just dropped new single Airhead, which Devin calls “a self-sabotage anthem. We all make decisions we know are bad for us. This song touches down on my impulsive thinking and actions despite being aware of the outcomes that await. It's a lighthearted take on self-depreciation.”


1. Airhead
2. Seeing Negative (Disappointment)
3. Are You Impressed?
4. Favorite Song
5. Habitual
6. Rerun
7. Fight Or Flight
8. Murphy's Law
9. Sensitive
10. Scapegoat
11. Worst Apology
12. Distracted



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