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's newest album, “Prestige,” bursts onto the scene with captivating flair, and at its heart lies the gem “Tell Me.” The trio, comprised of Hankin, Iris McConnell, and Sophie Moss, have expertly crafted a musical journey that fuses the shambolic charm of their debut, “Earl Grey,” with the indiefied R&B of “Girl.”

Co-produced by the Grammy Award-winning maestro, Ben H. Allen, the album takes a daring leap into the world of Hi-NRG eighties disco pop. “Tell Me” shines as a celebration of sexuality and outsider culture, drawing inspiration from the iconic TV drama “Pose,” which delved into New York City's queer ballroom scene in the 80s.

The track whisks listeners away to a fantasy clubland, where joyous dancing with friends and the dizzying allure of love reign supreme. Within the record's overarching narrative of love's complexities, “Tell Me” explores the thrilling uncertainty of falling in love and the lingering fear of heartbreak.

In “Tell Me,” delivers an electrifying sonic escapade, skillfully reclaiming disco 's essence as an anthem of self-expression and unabashed emotion. With its vibrant energy and captivating allure, “Tell Me” beckons listeners to surrender to the magnetic allure of the dancefloor and revel in the beauty of uninhibited love.

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