Girl Ray – Everybody's Saying That Download MP3 Leak

's latest track, “Everybody's Saying That,” from their highly anticipated third album, Prestige, oozes with a nostalgic charm that seamlessly blends the ethereal allure of their debut, Earl Grey, and the indie-infused R&B vibes of Girl. Co-produced by the brilliant Ben H. Allen, who boasts an impressive resume with artists like M.I.A and Gnarls Barkley, the album exudes an infectious Hi-NRG eighties disco pop sound that captures the essence of the genre's celebration of sexuality and outsider culture.

Inspired by the bold and transformative world of the 80s New York City queer ballroom scene, Prestige takes listeners on a journey to a fantasy clubland. The album serves as an invitation to dance with friends, experience the intoxicating thrill of falling in love, and confront the fears of vulnerability and heartache. Love, in all its forms, remains the overarching theme of Prestige, portraying the delicate dance between desire and apprehension, longing and disappointment. “Everybody's Saying That” is a euphoric homage to disco's vibrant heyday, marking 's triumphant reclamation of the genre's unapologetic spirit.

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