Genesis Owusu, STRUGGLER Download Leak MP3 ZIP Files

, an Australian musician, is set to release his second studio titled “Struggler” on August 18, 2023 through Ourness. In a press statement made in May 2023, Owusu described the as one that explores the struggles of navigating through an absurd world without clear direction or purpose.

is a Ghanaian musician who moved to Canberra, Australia at a young age. His music is diverse and combines various genres seamlessly, often within a single verse. He has won multiple ARIA awards and sold out a performance at the Sydney Opera House. Despite his success in Australia, he is still considered a rising star globally. Currently, he is on a US arena tour opening for Bloc Party and Paramore in preparation for the release of his second , ‘STRUGGLER'.

Although the tour lineup may seem mismatched, those who attend his shows are sure to be won over. Genesis' live sets are backed by The Goon Club, his dancers/hype-men. The group perfectly represents the themes that Genesis conveys in his music. At the beginning of their performances, they wear military vests and ski masks, creating an intimidating presence. However, as the show progresses, they remove their uniforms and transform into more lighthearted personas. This transformation challenges the stereotype of the ‘violent black man'.

Genesis is hesitant to reveal the role that The Goon Club will play in his upcoming cycle, but they are helping him to craft the world of ‘STRUGGLER' for his next set of live shows. He speaks highly of the group, saying that they have a lot of influence on him. Despite his reserved manner, Genesis is excited about what's to come, and fans can expect nothing less than a crazy, captivating performance.

, a Ghanaian-Australian singer from Canberra, is also known as Kofi Owusu-Ansah. He is the younger brother of Citizen Kay, a fellow hip hop rapper. Owusu's first studio album, Smiling with No Teeth, achieved a top 30 spot on the ARIA Albums Chart.


1. Leaving The Light
2. The Roach
3. The Old Man
4. See Ya There
5. Freak Boy
6. Tied Up!
7. That's Life (A Swamp)
8. Balthazar
9. Stay Blessed
10. What Comes Will Come
11. Stuck To The Fan



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