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Indie-pop singer has recently released her third track of 2023, and it's a special one! According to Frankie, “Float” is the final song she wrote in her 20s, and it feels like the ultimate lesson she needed to learn before closing out that decade.

“I wrote ‘Float' about three days before my 30th birthday, making it the last song I wrote in my twenties,” she told Atwood Magazine. “It poured out of me really quickly and felt like the final lesson I needed to learn before closing the decade. I spent so much of my late twenties feeling like I was getting nowhere because I was fighting the current of my life. I was trying to swim upstream to get to where I used to be, instead of allowing myself to think that there might be a different route that could be better for me.”

“Once I started living in the present and chose acceptance over denial and anger, everything changed for me. I was reintroduced to myself and my love for and started making songs I never thought I'd be able to make with musicians I previously didn't know existed. When you keep swimming against the current thinking it will get you to your destination quicker, you can start to drown. Instead if you decide to stop resisting and go where the water wants to take you, you'll end up in places you never thought possible. What a ride, just float,” she added.

Frankie Miller, better known as Frankie Bird, is a Los Angeles-based indie pop musician.

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