Fly Anakin & Foisey Skinemaxxx (Side B) Download Leak MP3 ZIP Files

, the rapper with a unique style, has announced his latest project titled ‘Skinemaxxx (Side B).'

Earlier this year, the rapper released his impressive project called ‘Skinemaxxx (Side A),' a fast-paced compilation of information that simulates the feeling of flipping through TV channels.

The “Skinemaxxx (Side B)” is a companion to the first EP and was released on July 28th by Lex Records. It's entirely produced by , a member of the Mutant Academy collective.


  1. Taxicab Confessions
  2. Blain Pitch
  3. Animal Planet
  4. Intrepid
  5. Like Anita
  6. Blockstory (feat. Ankhlejohn)
  7. Things Change (feat. Demae)
  8. Lacey Duvalle
  9. Outro



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