Flo Milli Fine Ho, Stay Download Leak MP3 ZIP Files

Fine Ho, Stay will be the second studio by the rapper, following a year after her 2022 release You Still Here, Ho? and three years after her debut mixtape Ho, Why Is You Here?

is set to release her highly-anticipated second studio titled “Fine Ho, Stay”. This will conclude her trilogy which began with her debut mixtape “Why Is You Here, Ho?” and continued with her debut “You Still Here, Ho?”. The release date for this record is yet to be announced, but is expected to be sometime in 2023.

During her grade school days, she was known as Rose Milli in a girl group. After the group disbanded, she stumbled upon “Beef,” a collaboration between Ethereal and in 2015. She did a freestyle to the song, which received positive feedback. This led her to decide to turn it into a song. However, to make it a song, she needed a rap name. So, she quickly came up with the name . She chose the name because she wanted to incorporate “Milli” into it, and everyone said her flow was hard.

's music is fresh, in-your-face, and empowering for women. Her signature lyrics are sassy and unapologetic, with a focus on being confident and having a zero-tolerance approach to drama and men. She cites trap genre pioneer as one of her biggest influences.



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