Fielded, Plus One Download Leak MP3 ZIP Files

Brooklyn-based artist Lindsay Powell, also known as Fielded, has announced a new titled ‘Plus One' through Backwoodz Studioz. is known for her unique blend of psychedelic R&B, and has built a reputation as a genre-bending vocalist and collaborator. ‘Plus One' is an that brings together a range of indie music stars, including Armand Hammer, Felicia Douglass, Kenny Segal, They Hate Change, DJ Haram, Wolf Weston, The Lasso, Child Actor, and Steel Tipped Dove.

explains that the is a collaborative effort, where she invited artists to add their own touch to her musical visions and stories. The is executive produced by billy woods, who has worked with in the past on the 2019 album ‘Terror Management'. Fielded has also worked on various Backwoodz Studioz projects, including producing and engineering, in addition to releasing two solo projects on the label, ‘Demisexual Lovelace' in 2020, and ‘Yung Medusa' in 2021.

‘Plus One' features a variety of collaborations that showcase Fielded's vocal talent and musical versatility. Fielded has previously worked with many of the artists featured on the album, such as The Lasso and Wolf Weston, who reunite with Fielded on ‘Waves' and ‘Goddess Woes', respectively. Fielded also welcomes new collaborations on the album, including with Kenny Segal and A. Billi Free, who contribute to some of the album's standout tracks.

In describing the album, Fielded emphasizes that every artist on the album has been welcomed and valued, and that the album is an honest depiction of her musical journey.


  1. Windbreaker feat. billy woods
  2. Afternoon Sun feat. Felicia Douglass
  3. Take Me There feat. Teether
  4. You Chasing Me
  5. The Way It Is feat. Pink Navel
  6. I Saw You feat. PremRock
  7. Honeysuckle feat. Fatboi Sharif
  8. Dream Interlude
  9. Goddess Woes feat. Wolf Weston
  10. Waves feat. E L U C I D
  11. Freakyextendooooo feat. They Hate Change
  12. Move It Like feat. A. Billi Free
  13. Where I Came From feat. Fat Tony
  14. Worlds Away feat. billy woods



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