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Boston-based band has released their third , titled “Death is Nothing to Us”. The represents a new chapter for the group, bringing together the energy of hardcore, the anthemic melodies of ‘90s alternative, and the unbridled passion of Revolution Summer era emo. 's previous albums, 2018's “Springtime and Blind” and 2021's “Between The Richness”, dealt heavily with grief from different perspectives, and their latest release feels like a culmination of their catalog's themes both sonically and lyrically.

Produced by Chris Teti, “Death is Nothing to Us” captures 's live energy with punchy production, showcasing the massive guitars and undeniable catchiness that make their music so satisfying. The concise 27-minute is an extension of the band's strengths, held together by vocalist Pat Flynn's singular tuneful roar. Flynn, known for his thoughtful lyrics since his time as the vocalist of Have Heart, weaves together his ruminations on life, death, and the complexities in between with references to Roman philosopher Lucretius, author Jean Améry, and other musicians like Bad Brains, Alex G, and Wire.

Fiddlehead's latest explores the pain, confusion, nuances, and contradictions of sadness with honesty and humanity. They don't offer a solution to the pain, but instead observe it with authenticity, inadvertently offering a sense of hopefulness. The album is truly life-affirming, delving deeply into the concept of death in a way that is both heady and earthbound, all wrapped up in the urgent power of a three-minute punk song.

The band is composed of members from various post-hardcore groups, including Patrick Flynn and Shawn Costa of Have Heart, Alex Henery of Basement, Alex Dow of Big Contest, and Nick Hinsch of Stand Off and Nuclear Age.


1. The Deathlife
2. Sleepyhead
3. Loserman
4. True Hardcore (II)
5. Welcome To The Situation
6. Sullenboy
7. Give It Time (II)
8. Queen Of Limerick
9. The Woes
10. Fiddleheads
11. Fifteen To Infinity
12. Going To Die



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