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Far Caspian's second studio , “The Last Remaining Light”, was recorded just two days after completing the mixes for “Ways To Get Out”, following the success of their debut . The features the popular singles “Arbitrary Task”, “Own”, and the title track “The Last Remaining Light”.

During the final stages of recording and mixing my , I found myself frequently listening to the works of The Microphones and Brian Eno. Specifically, I made a habit of playing Brian Eno's ‘Discreet Music' during every trip to the studio. Phil Elverum's experimental style of music also inspired me to embrace the beauty of imperfection. Through this , I have begun to feel more at ease with myself and my art, and I am excited to explore new possibilities in my next project.

Far Caspian is a recording project based in Leeds, UK, which began as a solo venture by its producer and multi-instrumentalist, Joel Johnston. His aim is to transform it into a live band. Joel creates the music in his residence, collaborating with his friends to record the songs. The performances feature Joel Johnston, Alessio Scozzaro, and Jof Cabedo.


  1. Commuter Repeating
  2. The Last Remaining Light
  3. Arbitrary Task
  4. Choice
  5. Answer
  6. First Warning Shot
  7. Own
  8. Pet Architect
  9. Cyril
  10. Pool



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