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South Korean boy band EVNNE is a boy band that debuted on Tuesday with their first EP, “Target: ME.” The group consists of seven members who were all contestants on the cable channel Mnet's audition program “Boys Planet.” They had less than two months to prepare for their debut, but their experience competing in one of the biggest K-pop audition programs this year allowed them to make up for the lack of time.

During a press showcase at the Blue Square performance venue in central Seoul, member Lee Jeong-hyeon said that being on stage and in front of the camera taught them how to cooperate and work together, which is evident in their performance. The band's name was originally Blit, but it was changed to , which stands for “Evening's Newest Etoiles,” meaning they aim to steal people's attention by shining from the highest place in the world.

All seven members of , Mun Jung-hyun, Park Ji-hoo, Park Han-bin, Yoo Seung-eon, Lee Jeong-hyeon, Ji Yun-seo and Keita, gained popularity from fans around the world during the show despite not making it to the final debut group. They are excited to show their talent to the world and become a target of the public's attention.

Eve is a South Korean boy band that will debut on September 18, 2023. Jellyfish Entertainment forms the group and consists of seven members: Keita, Park Han-bin, Lee Jeong-hyeon, Ji Yun-seo, Yoo Seung-eon, Mun Jung-hyun, and Park Ji-hoo. Their debut EP, Target: Me, will be released on the same day.


  2. Role Model
  3. Pretty Thing
  4. Your Text
  6. Even More



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