EST Gee & Yo Gotti, A MOMENT WITH GOTTI Download MP3

Louisville rapper and Memphis icon collaborate on “A MOMENT WITH GOTTI,” the second single from Gee's upcoming mixtape El Toro 2, the sequel to his debut project. Gee announced the release of the mixtape through social media on May 24, 2023, and dropped the first single, “Turn The Streets Up,” on May 25.

On June 16, the official cover art for “A MOMENT WITH GOTTI” was posted on Instagram. This marks the latest collaboration between Gotti and , who have appeared on multiple tracks from the CMG label's Gangsta Art record in 2022. Gotti, the label's founder, signed in January 2021.

EST Gee and 's collaboration “A Moment with Gotti” is currently number 6 on YouTube's trending list with nearly 700,000 views and 10,000 likes. Fans are excited about the upcoming release of El Toro 2.

Listen to EST Gee & , A MOMENT WITH GOTTI MP3 & Download it Below:



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