EKKSTACY & Trippie Redd, Problems Download MP3

and have a heated argument at home, discussing their issues.

has returned with a new song, “Problems,” featuring . The song begins with an inviting guitar line, followed by chill and emotional vocals from both artists that complement each other perfectly. Despite the somber nature of the song, they both enjoyed making it.

mentioned that the song was created between 3 and 6 a.m. in Miami, right before he had to head to the airport. Trippie and Ekkstacy wrote and recorded the lyrics over the produced by Ekkstacy's main collaborator, Mangetsu, who is based in Germany.

Ekkstacy also expressed his happiness about having a song with Trippie, as they both grew up listening to him.

The release also features a video directed by Gilbert Trejo, where they wanted to “play with the idea of success and happiness.” In the video, Ekkstacy and are shown surrounded by people having fun at a mansion, but they are visually out of place and seem to be having a rough time. Despite their wealth, women, and fancy cars, they seem to be missing something that would make them happy.

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