Dorian Electra‘s “Fanfare” Download Leak MP3 ZIP Files

is a talented musician who has recently released a new titled “Fanfare”.

The is a testament to their creative abilities, as it defies genre boundaries and showcases Electra's gender-fluid persona. The 's first single, “anon”, has been released alongside the announcement of the launch.

Earlier this year, in March, Electra cleared all their social media profiles and began posting cryptic videos, before releasing the single “Freak Mode” the following month. Yesterday, BBC 6Music premiered Electra's newest single, produced in collaboration with Clarence Clarity and Klaxon's Jamie Reynolds. The single explores the absurdities of social media, such as obsessive gossip, anonymous message boards and the rumour mill.

The official music video for the song, directed by and their creative partner, Weston Allen, will be released later today. It highlights how stan culture can lead to anonymous profiles either supporting or attacking you on any given day.

Fanfare” is Electra's third album, following on from “Flamboyant” in 2019 and “My Agenda” in 2020. The album features classical orchestration elements, blending them with hyperpop, electro-pop, and experimental soundscapes to create a spectacular sonic tapestry. The album's lyrics explore themes of identity, queerness, and societal expectations, all while maintaining an irreverent sense of humor.

In “Fanfare”, Dorian Electra pushes the boundaries of pop music, creating a genre-defying masterpiece that demands attention and celebration. The album is both a reflection of the artist's personal journey and a commentary on the complexities of the world.


  1. Symphony // Download MP3
  2. Idolize // Download MP3
  3. Freak Mode // Download MP3
  4. Sodom & Gomorrah // Download MP3
  5. Puppet // Download MP3
  6. Manmade Horrors // Download MP3
  7. Yes Man // Download MP3
  8. anon // Download MP3
  9. Phonies // Download MP3
  10. Touch Grass // Download MP3
  11. Lifetime // Download MP3
  12. Warning Signs // Download MP3
  13. Wanna Be a Star // Download MP3



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