Doe Boy, Ignorant Download Leak MP3 ZIP Files

's “Ignorant” showcases his evolution and confidence with trap-infused beats that complement his raw delivery and street-oriented narratives.

“Ignorant” is a powerful that showcases 's musical journey and ability to innovate in the trap genre. The lyrics touch on personal growth, fame, and societal dynamics, solidifying his position in the rap scene and setting the tone for his trajectory.

Doe Boy, an American rapper, gained fame for his single “100 Shooters” featuring .

In 2018, Doe scored a regional hit with his song “Mini Vans”. He gained wider popularity after releasing the single “Walk Down” in April 2019, which went viral after a video of NBA star LeBron James rapping to the song surfaced online. This helped Doe increase his fan base and earn an official remix of the track featuring Californian rapper .

Over time, he collaborated with , such as (on “100 Shooters”), (on “I'm Scared”), (on “Kid That Didd”), and producer Southside (who worked with on the Demons R Us project).



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