Doe Boy feat. Skilla Baby, Smack Sh*T Download MP3 Leak

Isam Mostafa, known as Doe Boy, is a rapper famous for “100 Shooters” featuring .

In 2018, Doe scored a regional hit with his song “Mini Vans”. He gained wider popularity after releasing the single “Walk Down” in April 2019, which went viral after a video of NBA star LeBron James rapping to the song surfaced online. This helped Doe increase his fan-base and earn an official remix of the track featuring Californian rapper .

Over time, he collaborated with , such as (on “100 Shooters”), (on “I'm Scared”), (on “Kid That Didd”), and producer Southside (who worked with on the Demons R Us project).

Listen to feat. – Smack Sh*T MP3 & Download it Below:



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