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Devendra Banhart's “Flying Wig” is a landscape of recurring dualities; a container of paradoxes and a can of worms. Everything that goes up must eventually come down. Battle-scarred by life and loss, Banhart found himself feeling despondent and folded inwards. He found it difficult to speak, let alone sing.

Flying Wig is an that is full of contradictions; a can of paradoxes, a box of worms. The studio where Banhart created the , surrounded by redwood and pine trees, and while constantly listening to The Grateful Dead, produced something that was slick, modernist, and had elements of city pop and Brian Eno's music.

This is Banhart's eleventh record, and it is the result of a “precious friendship” with the acclaimed solo artist, multi-instrumentalist, producer, and fellow Mexican Summer artist, Cate Le Bon. This collaboration was prophesied by the mirror-image titles of their early solo albums (Banhart's 2002 Oh Me Oh My and Le Bon's 2009 Me Oh My) and a bond that was built on crude haircuts (“we finally met, soon after she was cutting my hair with a fork and that was that”) and homemade tattoos. However, they had never before collaborated in the recording studio.

“It's about transmuting despair into gratitude, wounds into forgiveness, and grief into praise,” – The product of a ritualistic creative process that involves melting down and recasting as it contemplates. The result is the transformation of the essence of sadness and its beautification through changing its form. This culminates in a record that creates an experience similar to receiving a very melancholic massage or shedding tears in a pleasant way.

Devendra Obi Banhart is a singer-songwriter and visual artist. He was born in Texas and raised in Venezuela and California before dropping out of the San Francisco Art Institute in 2000 to pursue music.


  1. Feeling
  2. Fireflies
  3. Nun
  4. Sight Seer
  5. Sirens
  6. Charger
  7. Flying Wig
  8. Twin
  9. May
  10. The Party



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