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has been a consistent hitmaker for years with a host of popular songs to her name. However, her latest release REVAMPED, which revisits some of her biggest hits, falls a little flat, even with some minor updates.

Although Lovato's powerful vocals are perfect for a rock , REVAMPED does not deliver the rockstar element that fans have been waiting for. Lovato's previous , HOLY FVCK, showed promise in the rock space, but unfortunately, REVAMPED only adds a guitar line to the existing tracks and does little to revamp them.

While Lovato's vocals remain strong, REVAMPED lacks the much-awaited rock flare. The only standout track is “Skyscraper,” where Lovato's matured vocals fit well with the hard-edge musicality. Lovato has made a few changes to the language and added some intricate runs, but the remixes fail to impress overall. The does not answer the question of whether we needed these new versions.

Although Lovato's live shows have inspired her new passion project, REVAMPED, it does not hold up as a major release. A new is in the works, and we can only hope that it will further her story as an artist. Lovato shows promise in the rock genre, with the likes of Slash in her corner, and her looks bright.

  1. Heart Attack
  2. Confident
  3. Sorry Not Sorry (feat. Slash)
  4. Cool For The Summer
  5. Tell Me You Love Me
  6. Neon Lights (with The Maine)
  7. Skyscraper
  8. La La Land (feat. Nita Strauss)
  9. Give Your Heart A Break (with Bert McCracken from The Used)
  10. Don't Forget



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